Bree lives in Michigan with her dam Athena and our friends Kathy and Jim.  She is retired lives in luxury!

Height- 24 inches
Weight - ~47 lbs

Bree is 24 inches at the shoulder and very muscular. She is wonderful and patient with our children. She is an excellent mother to her pups.  Bree is a goofy and easy going dog who gets along with everyone.  Some would call her a "brown clown".  She makes everyone laugh with her antics.

I am very proud of Bree's structure and her glorious straight tail!  Her first win toward her UKC championship under judge Nancy Gallant at the Crossroad's Canine Club show in Dayton, Ohio on 11/5/15.  She finished her champion under judges John Davidson and Sally Davidson on 11/28/15.  She earned her first leg towards her Grand Champion title on 2/6/16 under judge Lori Sargent.   Her last legs towards her grand championship were received under judges Lynn Martin, Antonio Rapaso, Pamela Simmons and lastly Austina Heinz.  So proud of our girl.

Tested clear for vWD, NE, DM

Bree has tried lure coursing and loves it!  

 Bree loves to retrieve and has a medium drive and medium prey drive.

Bree is a mommy's girl! She is rambunctious and loves to play, curious but cautious around new dogs and people. She bounds around with joy outside and loves to prance. Bree was from our first litter of undocked tails— and is GORGEOUS!  We are very proud of her straight tail, something her daughter Imp inherited.