***The following is an example of our pet contract, which may be slightly different on pick up as we are always updating and changing our contracts.  Guardian home and co-own contracts are much more detailed and different from pet only contracts.  


Example of our contracts for puppies who go home with Limited registration.


The purpose of this contract is to create and/or memorialize the transfer of ownership of one dog from *___________, herein called Breeder, to _____________________herein called Purchaser. The dog is described as follows:


Breed: Standard poodle


Sex: male/female INTACT


Ears: natural   Tail: undocked

Purchaser promises to love the dog, respect the dog, and train the dog.  Purchaser promises to care for the dog in sickness and in health. Purchaser promises that the dog shall live in the house as a member of the family.

If at any point the adopter decides they can no longer abide by these promises, they will contact the breeder and allow her to aid in rehoming the dog or return the dog to the purchaser.  

Signature Purchaser: ________________________________


Phone number:


Signature Breeder: ________________________________

NEUTER/SPAY Agreement:

  1. Purchaser agrees to neuter/spay the puppy before it reaches 24 months of age unless otherwise agreed upon between the breeder (signatures _________________________________________  ____________________________________).
  2. Purchaser agrees to supply breeder with a veterinarian's letter by certified mail as proof of a neuter/spay.
  3. If Purchaser fails to neuter/spay this puppy and provide proof to the Breeder by two years of age, breeder has right to receive payment for breeding rights of the puppy (as according to the discretion of the seller).
  4. Failure to neuter/spay the puppy before 9 months of age will null the genetic health guarantee (unless otherwise agreed upon in item 1).
Purchaser signature: ________________________________

Breeder signature: ________________________________

Genetic Health guarantee:

This is a FIVE YEAR genetic health guarantee from date of sale _____, covering serious life threatening genetic disease.
The adopter must provide veterinary proof of the disease, to be reviewed by the breeder's veterinarian and, if needed, a third party veterinarian of neither party.

This health guarantee provides for a replacement puppy from the next available litter.

This agreement will be nulled if the following is not met:

  1. The dog is not spayed/neutered by 12 months of age (unless otherwise agreed upon)
  2. Appropriate documented health care has not been given:
    • Appropriate vaccines 
    • Heartworm treatment
    • Other vet recommended puppy wellness care
  3. Puppy’s food is changed from the puppy food they are sent home with* (unless otherwise discussed with breeder Initials ____
    • Changing a puppy’s food before the puppy’ first birthday can result in health problems, specifically allergies and joint issues.


Deposit: 300

Remaining balance:

Full payment (deposit + remaining balance):