UKC CH Gaushof's Sol Rising in the Shyre

Sol is being spayed and will live out her life here as our beloved pet.

Sol -  

Height- 22 inches
Weight - ~38 lbs

EYES NORMAL 2015 POS-365034
Tested clear for vWD, NE via vetgen (report available)

Sol won two "Best of Breed" competitions at the Clermont County Dog Training Club UKC Show on October 1, 2011. 
Then won one best of breed under judge Eleanor Heagy at the Clermont County Dog Training Club UKC show on March 21st 2015.  Sol is now a UKC Champion!
Way to go Sol!

Sol - means "sun" in Spanish, she is our bright shining star!

Sol is our red parti factored standard. She is a high energy, goofball of a dog, but well behaved housedog.  Sol is patient and loving with our daughter, allowing her hair to be pulled on and giving ear kisses! She is faster than any of my other standards, can dodge around corners on a dime.   She has a very strong retrieve drive, we are currently working on getting her to water retrieve.  Sol is a heart dog for me.