UKC CH Shyre's He is a Pistol

Height: ~20 inches
Pennhip completed 2017 no degenerative joint disease
Eyes- CAERs 2016 normal
Thyroid- Normal 2016
Patellas- OFA normal
Cardiac- echo normal
Clear by parentage for NE, vWD and DM
DLA: 2003/1005, 2014/1016

Orion next to son Colt at a show

Colt is an easy going, high drive, medium prey drive pup.  He loves people and children, is leggy and refined.  We are excited to see his puppies!  He is a brindle phantom, and carries for brown and parti.  

Colt is co-owned with the Lester family and lives with them in Columbus OH.  He is a diabetic alert dog for his youngest human family member.  He alerts to both high and low blood sugar.  

Colt with his human Gwendolyn!

Colt's genetic diversity testing shows him to be very much outside the genetic cluster in which most standard poodles are found to be.  We are excited for him to help diversify our gene pool!  

Colt lives with a bunny!  While we believe Colt has medium prey drive, he successfully cohabitates with a little bunny.