Guardian dogs

What is a guardian home?

Guardian homes are a part of our Shyre family! A guardian home is a family who is willing to keep a dog intact for our use in the future (male or female). We pay for all breeding health testing, you get a pet to be a part of your family for free (you are responsible for typical veterinary expenses and must have your dog professionally groomed). In addition, you and your family can help contribute to genetic diversity in the poodle gene pool.

For females, we would ask for the potential to have two litters with her, being returned to us for breeding and for raising her litter (approximately 10 weeks at our house each time). Alternatively, guardian families wishing to participate in breeding may raise the litters themselves, and be co-owners (a slightly different contract dependent on the home). For males, he would only need to be returned to us when needed for breeding purposes and would need to be kept intact indefinitely if possible (older the male the more we know about their health and vigor). Intact male dogs, contrary to common belief, are no problem in a home without female dogs in heat.

We often request they return to us to be shown to their UKC championship (or to grand if you are interested!), so you must be either interested in cheering for them on the sideline, showing them yourself, or allowing us to take them to shows.

Ashes with his guardian family

What I love about guardian homes

We can continue breeding, but our dogs and your dog remain a beloved pet! This insures the dogs are all loved parts of a family, ours and yours. There is no rehoming after the dog is done breeding, as they have always had their forever family.

Guardian dogs are a unique relationship and not for everyone. Often the homes believe in our mentality and goals, and wish to participate without breeding themselves.

We want to stay in contact with you about them and see them regularly as possible to have them comfortable with our family; often I groom for the families as well (small fee to help me with my grooming supplies cost). If interested in being a guardian home, please contact us.

Lili with mom Heather after placing at a show!

Homes must be close to West Liberty, Ohio to be considered (or willing to drive to us as needed). We place preference on guardian homes who are interested in UKC conformation events or performance sports. At the very least we will request them returned to us to show on occasion. We will always be willing to place one puppy per litter in to a guardian home, so if you have interest in one of our female/male pups, please let us know!