Past Puppies

I am truly awful about getting and posting past puppy pics, but I stay in contact with all the pups I can via facebook and have many references. Feel free to visit my facebook album with more past pup pics! HERE

I ADORE getting pictures and updates about the pups I sent out in to the world! Below are some pictures and comments I received from puppy owners. Thank you to all my adopters for providing loving homes for my pups and for all the letters, emails and comments I have gotten back about them! Many people has gotten puppies from multiple litters. We are a blessed family.

Some references:

"Upon meeting Rebekah, I felt she was a very Honest & Trustworthy Breeder. It was obvious that she LOVES her dogs unconditionally. We purchased Koko at 8 wks. He was very clean and well groomed! His Vaccinations & Worming History were kept up to date until the transition of ownership. We were given a folder of information, which helped alot, as we had never owned a Standard Poodle before. Koko is now 5 mo. and Rebekah still continues to care how he is doing and answers any questions we may have. Although puppies will be puppies, I have found the Standard to be very intelligent! Koko learned quickly to do things on command (even ''Go Poop''). He brings our family great joy! The Love we have in our hearts for Koko is returned 10 times by the Love he has in his. I would recommend a Standard Poodle above any other. Thank you Rebekah!! 10 stars +"

"Diesel, our 15 week old puppy, is a wonderful addition to our family! He's a smart, beautiful boy who has excelled at potty and obedience training. He interacts well with our three young children, who love him very much! Thank you to Rebekah, who puts so much love into each one of her puppies - she puts their health and needs above just "making a sell." By allowing the puppies live in her home, with her family, Rebekah makes sure each puppy is already accustomed to being a cherished part of "the pack family." Diesel was already introduced to the crate, and potty training, before we brought him home. Rebekah has given us lots of tips and advice (even after the sell!), as Diesel is our first Standard Poodle and we've had a few grooming/doggie health questions. Rebekah's Standards are beautiful, happy and smart -Diesel has brought lots of joy to our family—and Rebekah goes above and beyond the call of breeder duty…she loves what she does, and it shows in her pups!"

Poseidon: Now living in Georgia with Paige!

Poseidon's family travels a lot, so he will get to see lots of the US! His Daddy calls him Si, but his Mommy prefers Poseidon or Seidon.

Boomer- a very dark DARK sable we are looking forward to seeing change as she grows, Circleville, OH

Email update from the Ratcliffs: "Boomer is growing so quickly! If she sits on my lap her head is above mine, no more head on the shoulder :( her and Honor are like siblings, always want the same toy n love sitting together. Honor thinks if she is having cereal or goldfish, so should Boo :) Boo is so gentle with Honor and vise versa."

Matti: Lives in RI with Susan!

Black and tan phantom from Narci and Libra's January 2010 litter.

Susan sent this note about him: "haven't taken a picture of Matti again, but I think he looks like his mom. Great personality, loves to give lots of kisses and he finally figured out how to get up on the bed. An absolute love. Is the black one still there or has he been sold. Gosh he is beautiful. If I could I would take all of your babies. Great line. I will send a picture soon. susan"

Sugar: Resides with Louis-g Schwartz in Ohio

Smart boy, apricot and white almost wild tux, learning a lot from his new blue standard sister, Kandi!


"I adopted Athena ‘s Sugar the parti poodle and he is pure joy. Rebekah is more an artist that a breeder. Sugar was already loved and a little trained when I picked him up. He spent 8 weeks with his parents and litter, instead of just being crated near them. If I lived in California and wanted to adopt another poodle, I would come back to Ohio to get a puppy. In a world of mills and breeders who treat their dogs as products, Rebekah does everything perfectly and from her heart.” L-G

Bella (brindle standard poodle) and Bria (red parti): Reside with Melissa and Keith in Ohio

(Bria: athena and narci litter 09) (Bella: odyssey and narci litter 09)

Update from the Pry's at around 8 months old:

"Dear First Mommy, I am now taller than all of my brothers and sisters at my new house! By the way, I STILL play with the tennis ball you sent with me to my new house!

Love, Bella

P.S. Sister Bria and I are very happy here!"

Honey: Now a princess in Oklahoma

(odyssey and narci litter 09)

Leia: Now in Cincy with the Arno family

Her new mommy is a groomer at Best in Show groomer (athena and narci litter 09) and is frequently in the grooming salon with her mommy! Her family says she does something everyday to make them laugh and be happy!

Lucy: In Columbus with the Palovich fam!

(odyssey and narci litter 09)