Ashes' Album


CHIC # 112203

Pennhip- LDI: .38 and RDI .46 no signs of degenerative joint disease

Thyroid normal 2016

Cardiac Normal Cardiologist 2016

Patellas Normal 2016

Eyes - Normal 2016

Tested clear for NE, vWD and DM (UC Davis VGL report available)

DLA: 2001/1001, 2002/1004

Ashes He is a gentle, biddable and happy go lucky male with low prey drive and medium drive. He loves to retrieve and adores his family. He is filled to the brim with joy of life. Ashes lives with 5 kids with a wide range of ages and another dog and guinea pig! He is a joy to his household.

Ashes' also is genetically an outlier and different than the majority of standard poodles, surpassing both his sire and dam in this aspect!

Ten month old Ashes at a UKC show. He received two best male awards toward his championship at the Mason Dixon Dog Club on 7/24!5 and 7/26/15 under judges Kari Jepson and Pamela Moore respectively. On 8/9/15 he won Best of Breed under judge Laura Patton at the Clermont County Dog training Club's UKC show. Ashes is currently showing toward his UKC Grand Champion title.

Ashes has 5/5 legs for his UKC Grand Champion title under judges Darryl Hurst (7/22/16). Deb Beean, Maude Tank (7/23/16), Austina Heina, and James Heinz (7/24/16). Ashes finished his Grand Championship in 10 shows! Very proud of our boy! We are awaiting confirmation of his grand championship title.

He is the full sibling to our guardian dog Lili.

He is the son of Lennox and Sol.

Ashes showing in Gun Dog group

Video of Ashes' show where he UKC championed

Ashes has an AKC pointed offspring in our girl Friday.

Are our boys available at stud? We allow our males to only be used with people we know very well, under terms of private treaty. Females must be completely health tested including the UC Davis Diversity panel. If interested in using one of our boys, please allow time to get to know us as a breeder before asking!