Bringing Home Your Puppy

Here are items I suggest homes get for their new puppy

1. Crate - I recommend crate training. When done correctly the crate becomes a safe place for your pup while you are away and should never be used as a punishment. I use the Midwest Lifestages crate with my own dogs. It is nice because it comes with a divider to make the crate smaller while your puppy is growing. My puppies in general fit in a 36 inch crate but sometimes a 42 inch is needed. I also use these beds for my crates, they are washable and last a long time.

2. Brushes - my number one suggestion is the Chris Christenson slicker brush- This brush is not cheap, but it is really great for maintaining coat. I tell many homes to purchase it, and once people finally do they wonder how they lived without it! I use it daily on my dogs. My puppies usually go home with this comb in their puppy packet bag.

3. Toys! Here are some we love:

  • Omega treat ball- keeps puppies busy!

  • Tugs- I recommend NOT getting string tug toys. Puppies can chew and swallow them and get them stuck in their intesting e requiring surgery.

  • Costco had these dragons a couple years ago and they lasted a long time against our dogs!

  • Balls! Standards from us usually LOVE to play fetch. A hard tennis ball will last longer than a normal one. We usually send our puppies home with a ball.

  • Snuffle mats! Sniffing helps tire out puppies, so when I have a "busy pup" I usually recommend this mat!

  • Treat towers! This engages their brains a little, any of the "dog puzzles are pretty good, this is the one I's a little unstable but it works.

4. Supplements: I give my dogs these supplements on top of their food after they are 6 months old

  • Brewers yeast is a natural flea deterrent and good for skin/hair. We rarely have problems with fleas and I am often asked what we give our dogs to prevent it. This is it! I get the 4 lbs and it lasts forever but there is also a smaller 1 lb version here

  • Joint supplement: my dogs are given Nupro Joint supplement which has, among other things, probiotics, Glucosamine complex MSM and Ester-C and kelp.

5. Books/DVD- I'm often asked for book suggestions. I have heard great things about both of these:

What Do You Get With Your New Puppy from us?

  1. A lifelong friend!

  2. As soon as your puppy is born we will begin to post weekly or daily picture updates of the litter here.

  3. You will be allowed to visit your puppy once (after 6 weeks age) before his or her pick up date (around 8 weeks old) so it will know your scent. You may also send us something with your scent on it to place in with the litter.

  4. Lifetime support: You can email us any time with questions about your Shyre Poodle puppy.

  5. A toy/blanket with your puppy's mother's scent on them, to ease the transition to their new home.

  6. Vaccinations appropriate to your puppy's age per Dr. Dodd's current vaccination recommendation protocol.

  7. A sample of food for your new puppy to ease their transition. We will be feeding our next litter Kirkland's Natures Domain (grain free food). We can also purchase a bag for you for a charge.

  8. A puppy packet containing poodle information, grooming information, shot records etc.

  9. Puppy collar and leash

  10. A five year genetic health guarantee.

  11. Microchip implanted from HomeAgain.

Note: We no longer remove dew claws or dock tails. After much research and discussion with fellow health concerned breeders, we feel this is for the best future health of our pups as both of these body parts are used by canines. Dew claws help stabilize the front leg of your dog, and the tail is used for balance, signaling, etc.

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